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Tiny Speaks On Relationship Problems With T.I.

Posted By on July 25, 2014

There have been a lot of rumors and speculations about T.I. and his wife Tiny having problems in their marriage. Speculations of the troubled relationship come after they both released a new song to address their problems and now Tiny has decided to come out and speak on it publicly.

According to Tiny, their relationship is falling apart, but they are working hard to fix the problems.

“Will our music affect our real-life relationship? I really don’t know,” Tiny said. “I mean if it does, I hope it’s in a good way. Hopefully, it works out in our favor in the end. All I know is that I’m working on it. We’re working on it.” (HipHopDX)

As far as the release of “Stay” and “What The F**K You Gon’ Do”, tiny says they did not plan on releasing the songs at the same time and her record is a year old.

“My new song is a statement,” she said. “Some people might say, why put your business in a song? It’s because this is my life and my truth and this is how I choose to express it. I wrote this song a year ago. I never planned to put it out. It was therapy for me. At the time, I was really going through a lot. Stuff that the public didn’t know and still doesn’t know. And over the past year, as things have unfolded publicly, people expected me to speak on it. And then I realized, I did speak on all of this, a year ago, in this song. So it made sense to release it. (HipHopDX)

Check out Tiny’s “What The F**K You Gon’ Do” video below: