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T.I. Talks Shawty Lo Beef

Posted By on August 4, 2008

    T.I. and Shawty Lo have had a very public beef, and TIP is finally addressing the situation. “You cannot take something that’s not true seriously,” T.I. said in a recent radio interview. “All of the things that he claim, his reasons as to why he has a problem with me, they’re all false. You know what I’m saying? He saying I ain’t from Bankhead. I’m saying dawg, I’ve been rapping for 9 years. This my sixth album. You mean to tell me I’ve been, I’m not from Bankhead, ain’t been from Bankhead all this time?”

    T.I. continued “When you hear this guy in an interview, in the first 30 seconds what is he talking about,” finishing, “He talkin’ ‘bout me. That’s all he got to talk about.” TIP says “It’s a marketing tool at this point,” and summerized by saying “It’s nothing for me to take seriously. It’s something that he’s doing. I think, at this point, to put food on his family table."