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T.I. Says Rihanna, Usher And Justin Timberlake Are On Paper Trail

Posted By on August 5, 2008

    T.I. is starting to give more information about his new album, Paper Trail. In an interview with Sohh, TIP said “We got Rihanna on there,” continuing “We got Fall Out Boy on there. Usher, Justin [Timberlake], uh let me see here, John Legend, that’s all I can give you.”

    TIP also talked about possibly working with Nelly, saying “Yeah we spoke about it, man" continuing "Nelly a great partner of mine so you know, it’s definitely a possibility we just got to finalize the conversation. We’ve recorded a few songs together over time, ‘cause like I say, we have a great relationship with one another, so you know for us to get together and bang somethin’ out ain’t nothin.’”