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Chris Brown Joins T.I. In A ‘Heist’

Posted By on August 8, 2008

    More rappers are joining the ranks of the actors in the world. Chris Brown told MTV that he will be in a new movie with fellow music star T.I. "It's a movie called 'The Heist' that I'm doing with T.I., Idris Elba and Matt Dillon." Chris Brown didn't give many details about the movie, only saying "I'm playing a killer…It's a bank-robbing movie, so it's one of those action-packed films. You get a little different side of me in that movie."

    T.I. recently described the movie as a "new-age, young, hip-hop [version of] 'Heat,' " continuing "These are young, cool, well-dressed, articulate bank robbers. [Chris] be the little homey." In related news, T.I. recently 'co-starred' with Ludacris on a new track called "Wish You Would" [listen here]. Chris Brown previously 'co-starred' with Ludacris & Sean Garrett on Luda's first single "What Them Girls Like" [listen here]