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T.I. Talks Akoo Clothing & Diddy (Video)

Posted By on August 11, 2010

      Rapper T.I. recently talked about what he respects when it comes to fashion icons saying moguls like Jay-Z and Diddy have dominated. TIP's Akoo clothing is classy and uses his key characteristics.

      "Puff and Jay. Puff has an all-around style, upscale, urban, and classic. I can say that for both. They just have a different way of doing it. I am very selective with my clothes. This is a time where fashion and style go against what I would rather do myself. So I have to pick and choose from people that share my enthusiasm when it comes to certain things. I'm not going to do red jeans. No green jeans. I don't do Vans and that's the style right now. I don't want to show my socks when I'm wearing jeans. So, when you ask me who I look up to and who I can admire for their style right now, I have to choose from people that represent what I represent stylistically."

T.I. – Akoo Clothing Line Footage