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T.I. Names His Top Five Celebrities

Posted By on August 11, 2010

      Rapper T.I. recently talked about his five favorite celebrities including Jay-Z and Will Smith.

      "Jay-Z: He done the rap shit to the best it could be done. He's done it better than anyone who's ever done it. Master P: He came from the same ghetto and bullsh*t that I came from and turned himself into a corporate conglomerate. Russell Simmons: I look up to Russ, because … he started this shit and he still here. Will Smith: He got it right. Will transitioned from rapping to acting and did it at a stellar level of performance. Diddy: He's fly as I am; just as conceited, pompous, and arrogant as me, but he managed to maintain a humble sense of self. Puff got enough sense to know–even though he feels like he's more the shit than anybody else–when they got something going on that [he] ain't got. He knows when to take pages out of other people's books."


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