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T.I. Hit With Huge Lawsuit For Stealing A Concert Stage

Posted By on August 15, 2014

Atlanta rapper T.I. has been hit with a new lawsuit for reportedly stealing a major part of the stage during one of his “Americas Most Wanted” tour stops last year. The centerpiece of the stage was a very expensive roll drop screen that Tip apparently never returned.

According to reports, T.I. paid a rental fee for the roll drop, but the rapper never returned it after the show.

“T.I. paid the rental fee but according to a new lawsuit — obtained by TMZ —  when the concert was over the rapper didn’t return the roll drop.” (TMZ)

The rental company claims the screen cost $50,000 , but they are demanding double that in the lawsuit.

“The rental company says its roll drop doesn’t come cheap — $50K.  But the rental company wants twice that, arguing they could have made lots of money renting it out to other performers.” (TMZ)