T.I. Talks B.o.B’s Success With Debut Album

T.I. Talks B.o.B’s Success With Debut Album

     Grand Hussle's head man, rapper T.I., recently talked about his protege B.o.B and all the success he had with his debut album. TIP says he has been able to reap the benefits of helping his artist put out a great first record.

      "I feel like right now, all the hard work is paying off," Tip said about his Grand Hustle artist. "This is what everybody has been working for. This is [why] we go late nights in the studio, early mornings in the studio. This is the reason we miss days out of our children's lives — for moments like these. For me not to sit here, reap the benefits and take the pleasure as well as taking the moment to bask in the glory of the success of what we have accomplished … It's necessary, very necessary."

T.I. – Talks BoB Success With Debut Album



BoB – Talks Success Of His Debut Album


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