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T.I. Says Only Lil Wayne Could Also Be The King

Posted By on August 23, 2010

     After saying multiple times in many interviews that he doesn't want to be a "40 year-old" rapper (rather an actor), Grand Hussle leader T.I. says that only Lil Wayne could replace his "King Of The South" status. TIP says that he has too much history and success for just anyone to claim the title.

     "It doesn't bother me at all," Tip said about his fellow Southern rappers. "Another point I often make is the success of another person, the rise or fall of another individual has no bearing on my title. No matter how much a person does from this day forward, it doesn't take away from the things I've done to this day. I'm gonna have to stop for a long time to let you start for a long time in order for you to catch up, no matter how much you do, and not taking away from anybody, not saying nothing bad about nobody — you gonna have to do what you're doing right now times two, times three, seven times over in order to be where I am right now…As far as from a standpoint of success, the only person who is in a position to make a claim like that sort would be [Lil] Wayne, as far as success, from a numbers standpoint. As far as longevity and success, that's the only person I feel like can say that."

T.I. – Says Only Lil Wayne Could Also Be "King Of The South"