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T.I. & Chris Brown Lose Out To An Exorcism

Posted By on August 30, 2010

     Rapper, now actor, T.I. tried to get fans to go see his new "Takers" movie all the way up to the last minute. Taking to his twitter account, TIP said…

"What y'all didn't believe me when I said I was going in on the RT's. U were warned. Lol. #TAKERS!!!!!," Tip tweeted over the weekend.
"Even my son King is reppin #TAKERS!!http://tweetphoto.com/41949757"
"Aye here we go again #takers opening weekend take 2"
"I'm out here buying tickets again if I see u I got ya #takers"
"alright y'all lets go…we headed to Decatur…who need movie passes…Takers!"
"whats up…ya'll we gotta find some where to go watch these 10 o'clock showings…lets go…where too??? TAKERS!"
"lets go…NC check in, VA check in, NY check in, StLou check in…! TAKERS!!!"
"oh ya'll gotta twitpic me all the soldout signs and lines wrapped round the theaters…u'm lovin the support ya'll…TAKERS!"

     Co-star Chris Brown also took to his twitter to thanks fans to their support….

"Thanks to everyone who is supporting my movie takers. I love yall. Means a lot to me," he tweeted late Saturday (August 28) night.

     In the end, "Takers" took 2nd place, losing out by only $300,000 as "The Last Exorsim" took in 21.3 million compared to 21 million that "Takers" took in.


T.I. – Takers Movie Trailer