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Pharrell & Rick Ross Talk T.I. & Legal Issues

Posted By on September 24, 2010

     Producer slash artist slash clothing designer slash everythin else, Pharrell Williams, recently backed TIP after he and his wife were arrested in California. "He got the heart of a champion," Pharrell says. "Whatever happens, Tip gonna be fine, regardless. He got a good heart, and at the end of the day, he's a human being…He lives a lot of his life on television — you're bound to make a mistake. If that's what happened. We don't know what's going on right now. All we know is the fingers are being pointed, and I'mma stand by his side 'cause he's a good guy. What you can't do is take away any of the good stuff that he's done for this world and done for the kids and his community. Sorry, you can't take that away. It's already done."

     Fellow rapper Rick Ross also recently had T.I.'s back stating "As long as the real G's and the leaders set the example of 'This is what you do wten your brother gets into trouble,' " Ross finished by adding, "Regardless of what it is, you don't turn your back on him; you ride with him. … You gotta stick to the script. When situations come, you stay firm. If that's your homie, that's your homie."


TI – Footage (Back At Work After Arrest)