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T.I. back to Jail for 11 Months Probation Violation

Posted By on October 18, 2010

     T.I. is headed back to prison after his latest probation violation. The federal judge revoked TIP’s probation and sentenced the trap star to 11 months in prison for possessing drugs (ecstasy lol) earlier this month in LA.

T.I. appearead in court last Friday (October 15th) for his probation hearing. T.I. was not alone though he had has high powered lawyer team that included Ed Garland, Steve Sadow, Don Samuel, Janice Capek, Kristen Wright and Dwight Thomas.

     However getting caught with the ecstasy wasnt the only probation violation that T.I. had he also tested positive on a drug test for a controlled substance. Which his lawyer argues were from drugs used after a dental surgery. But whatever that case he would of still had to get permission to take the drugs from the dentist. As well T.I. has been caught hanging out with fellow convicted felon Cortez “C-Rod” Thomas who was allegedly one of the people that was helping T.I. get firarms prior to his original arrest.

     T.I. and his lawyers tried to get the judge to sentence him to drug rehab instead of the 11 month prison term but was shot down. Luckily T.I. did not get more jail time then 11 months as the average felon on probation that breaks is looking at a minmimum of 2 years.

     With all the delays that it has been having, will see King Uncaged by end of 2010 or will we have to wait 11 months for his release from jail.