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ATL Director Talks Possible Sequel

Posted By on October 25, 2009

    The director of "ATL," Chris Robinson, recently talked about the rumors surrounding a possible sequel to the 2006 film that starred rapper T.I. and what the storyline for the sequel would likely be if it went into production. Chris Robinson called the rumors basically gossip but said the film "could" go into motion if fans really pushed for it.

    "I heard that rumor, but as far as I know, that's just a rumor," he said about an ATL 2. " We all joked about doing an ATL 2, and how down T.I.'s character would be running the comic section of the newspaper and what the twins would be doing. But you never know. If the fans wanted it enough, there would definitely be a sequel. I am dedicated to the art of storytelling, and my next film is called LAX. First was ATL, now it's LAX. It's about six stories that connect six different people from all different walks of life. My goal is LAX next, and then B-more, where I'm from. So I can close that trilogy of stories where the cities are a character in it. We're going to shoot that at the end of the year."

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