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T.I. Testifies In Murder Case

Posted By on November 21, 2008

    T.I. testified today in Cincinnati in the trial following the murder of his friend and assistant Philiant Johson. According to the AP, T.I. took the stand and described the shoot-out he and his entourage had with the man on trial, Hosea Thomas. TIP stated he took cover in a van as it was shot up in a wild chase. T.I. decribed in detail seeing his friend after the van he was in took off saying Johnson laid lifeless with blood down his face from a gunshot to the head.

    As we previously reported, Hosea Thomas and his brother reportedly followed T.I. and his entourage after they were denied entrance into a VIP area after a concert. Thomas's brother, Pardon, has already taken the stand to testify against his brother in exchange for no prison time.