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Alfamega Says Shawty Lo Is Jealous Of T.I., Talks Fight

Posted By on November 26, 2008

    Alfamega, a member of T.I.'s Grand Hustle camp, is now speaking out about the fight between the TIP camp and Shawty Lo's people.  “It escalated, dawg,” Alfamega said, continuing by implying Shawty Lo is jealous of T.I. saying “I think [Lo] feels like he ain’t getting his just due. I can understand, but God will give you blessings, and your blessings might not as be as big as the next man. Be thankful for what you got."

    Alfamega did seem remorseful about the events saying “I embarrassed, y’all,” he said. “Certain people were subjected to the pepper spray. By them trying to spray me, that lingering fumes got other people. I’m embarrassed by the whole situation.” In an update we posted yesterday, a new video [watch here] of the incident seemed to point to Alfamega throwing a chair during the brawl. You be the judge, [watch here].