T.I. On Track To Sell 145,000 First Week

T.I. On Track To Sell 145,000 First Week

     Incarcerated rapper T.I. is on track to tell around 145,000 copies of his new "No Mercy" album in its first week in stores. Based on one-day sales figures, TIPs latest solo effort will debut in the top 5.

T.I.'s new album, No Mercy, finds the imprisoned rapper scoring the top debut this week, with the Grand Hustle/Atlantic title looking at first-week sales in the 135-145k range. Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack for Walt Disney could do a surprisingly robust total of 55-60k, while Gap Band member Charlie's Wilson's Jive/JLG effort, Just Charlie, looks like it's headed for a total of 50-55k. (Hits Daily Double)


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