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T.I. Decides To Put “Trouble Man II” On Hold For Now

Posted By on December 12, 2013

Rapper T.I. has announced that he has decided to put his follow up to his “Trouble Man” solo album on hold for the time being and, he will be going back to the studio to find some new ideas.

According to T.I., he has decided to put “Trouble Man 2” on hold and release a new refreshing title.

 “Since we started working on the project and the project started has taken a different shape, I think we’re going to postpone that title,” T.I. said on Wednesday (December 11) when he appeared on “RapFix Live.” “We’re gonna rework that. I got a couple of things in mind.” “All I’ma say is, it’s gonna be a motion picture, it’s gonna be a theatrical-worthy title. Something that will definitely seem instant classic,” he said in a very assuring tone. “I’m thinking something like Trap Champion, Paperwork, but whatever it is the subtitle will be The Motion Picture.” (MTV)

Tip also explained how he hasn’t completely scrapped “Trouble Man 2.”

 T.I. hasn’t scrapped Trouble Man II altogether, he’s just ready to move in a different direction. “I still have that album, that album isn’t lost, I have that project as well. But the music that we began to create– Pharrell, myself–so many others that have contributed between the time of then and now that the project is just taking a new shape,” he said. (MTV)