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T.I. Released From Prison (Reported)

Posted By on December 22, 2009

    According to a new repot, sources close to Atlantic Records have confirmed that T.I. has been released from prison, when we previously reported he had at least three more months to serve at the Arkansas Forrest City prison. BET is reporting that Atlantic Records says that TIP was released from the facility and is currently in route to Atlanta to serve the rest of his time in a half way house.

    As we previously reported, TIP's
lawyer, Steve
Sadow, said T.I.'s projected release date was in "approximately the fourth week of March
2010." This date takes into account his 366-day sentence, minus 54 days
for good behavior and 14 days "that he had in custody prior to
sentencing." When asked about a half way house, Shadow said "it is up to the [Federal] Bureau of Prisons to decide whether someone
should be placed in a halfway house prior to the projected release
date." [Tiny Talks About What T.I. Is Doing In Prison – Watch Here]


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