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T.I. Cuts Out Early During Concert

Posted By on April 10, 2007

Atlanta rapper T.I. is under fire for giving a less than stellar performance at a Duke University concert last Saturday (April 7).

According to the Duke Chronicle, the platinum-selling star, born Clifford Harris, was contracted to perform a 60 minute set at "Saturday's Cameron Rocks!" Concert held at North Carolina's Duke University. While Duke's Office of Student Activities and Facilities (OSAF) held up their end of the bargain, fully compensating T.I. with $70,000 for the show, T.I. delivered far less than promised, leaving the stage 20 minutes early.

"We said that he had to play for at least 60 minutes," Duke University Union President Katelyn Donnelly told the Chronicle.

Instead, DUU officials say that despite a late arrival, T.I. delivered a short 40 minute performance, then abruptly left for dinner at P.F. Chang's China Bistro, leaving behind the special accommodations he'd requested.

DUU Executive Vice President Lauren Maisel said she asked OSAF not to pay T.I. in full for the performance, so she was surprised to learn that OSAF had already paid the rapper.

"As far as OSAF is structured, that was what they were supposed to do," Maisel said. "We are trying to figure out how to get legally reimbursed and what sort of recourse options we have. A lot of explanatory work will go about later this week."

T.I. was booked to headline the "Cameron Rock!" Concert, which attracted over 3,000 people. Indie rock act Clap Your Hands Say Yeah served as the opening act.

"It was like T.I. pulled a vanishing act," freshman Ella Kirby told the Chronicle. "Waiting felt long, the first band felt longer and T.I. felt really short."

The Duke University Union is may pursue legal action against T.I. for the breach in contract.