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T.I. Gets Own Reality Show On MTV

Posted By on May 28, 2008

    T.I. is a busy man these days. Recently he had a child with his long time girlfriend "Tiny," he is finishing up his new album, Paper Trail, and during all this he is serving his community service by talking to children all over the country about the dangers of guns and drugs.

    Now MTV is going to give T.I. his own reality show. The show will follow the rapper as he performs his 1,000 hours of community service before and documents him making his new album, all before he goes to prison for a year. 8 hours of the show have been ordered for the show produced by Ish Entertainment and executive produced by Grand Hustle’s Jason Geter and T.I. himself.

    "We began the conversations in the middle of deliberations over what would happen to him," Ish's Michael Hirschorn said. "The original idea for the show had him staging a series of interventions in each episode with people in danger. But when we visited him under house arrest, it felt much bigger and more powerful than we anticipated."

    Recently T.I. talked to MTV News about his legal issues and what he thinks about bearing arms, watch it here!