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T.I. Gives Album Release Date, Set To Star In New Movie & HBO’s Entourage

Posted By on May 8, 2008

    T.I. has stated that his new album, Paper Trail, may have the lyrics toned down "ever so slightly" due to his recent legal troubles and having the experience of talking to youth all over the states. "Not to a great deal or an extra degree of censorship, I'm just making
sure this album is much more intelligently and artistically put
together," T.I. said in an interview, continuing "I'ma still get loose now. I'ma still do
me. But you know when I was living the way I was living, I was rapping
the way I was rapping … A lot of elements that were in my life no
longer exist."

    Led by the new Timbaland-protege Danjahandz produced "No Matter What," Paper Trail will hit stores August 12, T.I. recently said. TIP was recently on BET for a special called "T.I. Speaks" for the first televised interview since he plead guilty to weapons charges. T.I. will also be continuing his acting career by staring in a film from New Line called For Sale, which is produced by Grand Hustle plus he will make a cameo appearance in HBO's hit series "Entourage."