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T.I. Replies To 50 Cent’s Verse

Posted By on June 17, 2008

    As we previously reported, 50 Cent started an apparently started a semi-beef with T.I. in a new song called "You So Tough" that appears on G-Unit's Terminate On Sight in stores on July 1st. On the record, 50 implies that T.I. did something since he only got 12 months for being caught with "10 machine guns."

    T.I. didn't make any comments or replies to the verse, but sohh.com's Gyant caught up with him in Atlanta and got a reply. Sohh's reporter said "He politely told me that it's unlike Fiddy to say stuff in songs and not just say it directly, and that he really doesn't want to perpetuate any negativity, so he wasn't going to respond to it," Gyant said.