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T.I. Says He's Always #1

Posted By on April 6, 2006

Finally, T.I. says, he’s getting his just due.

Sales of his fourth album, King, went through the roof during its first week as it moved more than 520,000 copies The King of the South is evolving into one of the kings of rap. And yet he feels like he’s playing catch-up.

“I have mixed feelings, because I feel like I should have been here when I dropped my first album,” he said recently. “I feel I should have been right here in this position. I feel like I should have had Nelly’s or 50’s career. I should have dropped and debuted #1 and went hard from the top. But God don’t make mistakes, and I don’t regret none of the things I went through.”

The next single from King is going to be “Why You Wanna,” which, as dance-music enthusiasts will recognize, uses a sample from Crystal Waters’ hit “Gypsy Woman.”

“I will not tell a lie, I cannot take any credit for that sample,” he explained. “Kato, a Grand Hustle producer, he came in and gave me the track. I didn’t know what the sample was from. I think [my publicist] was like, ‘That’s from a old song.’ Then when people started singing it, I was like, ‘I remember that.’ I like the response from that song, that’s a definite bond with the ladies I haven’t had.”