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T.I. Says He’s “Level Headed”

Posted By on October 24, 2007

T.I., who is accused of trying to illegally purchase machine guns and silencers, says he's learned how to deal "appropriately" with conflicts and wants to set a "good example" for young people. "Sometimes man, I can be a real rational, clear-thinking, level-headed, trouble-solving person," the Atlanta rapper says in the new issue of Complex, which hits newsstands November 6. "I can really figure out how to deal with issues appropriately and apply them to it. If I don't allow myself that time, if I don't exercise patience and really end up straight to do that, I can also let myself go into a whole 'nother level of being carried away. So I'm tryin' to exercise moral strength and rational living these days. You know, I'm 27 years old now, man? So it ain't really the best thing for me to be doing, going out there actin' like … today is a good example to be setting for the 19-, 21-year-olds, you know?"