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T.I. Talks About The Games Changes, Discusses The Police & Their Cameras, Internet & Forensics

Posted By on October 23, 2007

While T.I. is awaiting a hearing to determine if he'll be allowed bail, an interview with the rapper reveals his feelings for the game and how things have changed since Franc Lucas's day.

The King of the South, is featured on the cover of Complex magazine's November issue. The issue's header, "Home for the Holidays," may or may not ring true for T.I., who was arrested and locked up last week.

As we previously reported, the self proclaimed King of the South was nabbed in an federal sting operation a week ago while allegedly attempting to buy machine guns and silencers from undercover federal officers.

T.I. is featured in the upcoming film American Gangster, the true story of a 70s Harlem drug lord-turned informant, Frank Lucas (played by Denzel Washington).

Meanwhile, in real life, T.I. was allegedly set up for a fall in an arms deal with an undercover agent. But before all that, the rapper shared his views on snitching with the Complex.

"[Frank Lucas'] situation was unique because he didn't tell on no drug dealers or other criminals," Tip shared with Complex. "He got his standards shortened by telling on crooked cops."

He went on to talk about how hustling today, and when he was dealing cocaine, is a lot harder than it was when Lucas and his cronies ran the streets.

"Not taking nothing away from them 'cause they started it, but the police wasn't hip to everything," he said. "By the time I started hustling, the police had cameras, the Internet, and forensics. [Back then] you could kill a ni**a at six o'clock in the morning on his doorstep and long as nobody seen you, you good. Now you got cameras on street lights. I feel like if I was a hustler back then, I'd have a way better shot at it. People actually respected the game."

T.I. also shared his disenchantment with rapping versus real life.

"When I saw Tupac talking that 'Thug Life' sh*t, getting locked up for shooting police, and getting shot and living, that's when I was like, 'Damn, them ni**as is really about that @#!*,'" T.I. said. "Now you're just let down, This ain't this guy that he was on this record. And nobody seems to have a problem with it. It's a lot of fake sh*t in it. I like to consider myself an intelligent person and this sh*t is not something of intelligence anymore. It's getting real young and stupid, and that ain't me."

T.I. is currently in jail awaiting the prospect of bond. At his first bond hearing on Friday (October 19), media was relegated to the jury pit to make room for family and friends including Kevin Liles, President of Warner Bros. Music Group, Lyor Cohen, President of Atlantic Records and Young Jeezy.

David Banner has recorded a song, "B.A.N. (Free T.I.)," in support of the King. [Listen here].

Tip will be back in court on Friday (October 26) when it will be decided if he will be allowed to go home on house arrest as he awaits sentencing in his weapons case.