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T.I. Talks For The First Time Since Plea Deal

Posted By on April 11, 2008

    T.I. spoke yesterday for the first time since pleading guilty to weapons charges last month. T.I. talked about what he missed most under house arrest, "I mean just the ability to do me," he explained. "Whether it was going to eat with my family. Whether it was having my family to be able to come eat with me. Whether it was going to the grocery store for myself. Picking my kids up from school … Whatever doing me was." T.I. said he learned a lot under house arrest, including "Patience," he revealed. "Just a lot of patience. If I can sit at home all day and wait on people to bring me what I need. Wait on getting permission to be able to do this and do that it's not as serious as I used to make it sometimes. Sometimes it was like, 'If I don't get this right now I'm just going to lose it'…When you're going 350 mph it tends to be that way."

    T.I. is now hard back at work. His new album, Paper Trail, is set to drop in September, and it's different from what his fans are used to. "There are elements that are still there and then there are new elements… but right now I think I'm about to do something with Amy Winehouse – I don't know if it's for [my CD] or hers, but I'm definitely excited," he said. He also has his new clothing line, "Akoo Clothing will launch the holidays of this year," Tip boasted. "Of course we're premiering Big Kuntry's album [in August] and Young Dro. Also we have a Young Dro reality show. You follow this guy around long enough you're bound to be entertained, at the least."