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T.I. Under Home Detention, Not House Arrest – Details Of TIPs Rules Revealed

Posted By on April 1, 2008

It's been reported that T.I. is on "house arrest" but his lawyer says that's not true. "He is in what we call a home detention program which means that he has a curfew," said Steve Sadow. T.I.'s lawman continued to explain that T.I.'s curfew is from 11pm to 6am and when he's working it's 1am to 8am. "Between the hours that the curfew doesn't apply, he is free to go and
do anything, basically," Sadow revealed. "But he has a full time
monitor with him and he has to get permission to go out of town and
permission is given for work or community service."

T.I. has spent 5 months on "house arrest" since the end of October when he was released on $3 million bond. His lawyer says that those 5 months will count towards the year of house arrest T.I. was ordered to serve. The time he is currently doing now will also count, partially. "That's our hope, unless of course his travel out of town for work or
community service takes up more than 5 months," Sadow said. T.I. is in high demand for his court ordered speaking engagements to youth groups as we reported yesterday.