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Ginuwine Talks Issues With Timbaland

Posted By on April 19, 2010

     Hit R&B singer Ginuwine recently sat down and opened up about the issues he has with top producer Timbaland, even adding why he has decided to publically reveal their problems. According to Ginuwine, Timbo didn't want to be in the "Get Involved" video shoot. "We did a song called 'Get Involved' and we paid him $50,000 to appear in the video," Gin explained in an interview. "And we paid him his producing fee and this dude didn't even get in it. He messed me up to the point where we had to make an animation of the video and put it overseas. Now throughout the years, he always said he was gonna work with me and all of that but he never did and I didn't say anything. I always said [to the media], 'Our schedules are conflicting.' I'm definitely a professional, but when you actually do something, you deserve to be called out. And it's not only me he's done things to, I'm not gonna speak on that, I'm gonna speak on me. But when people do that, they can't just get away with it. Whether you're a friend or supposedly a friend or not, you don't do that to people."

Ginuwine – Talks About  His Issues With Timbaland