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Timbaland Talks Scott Storch “Hes Weak”

Posted By on June 25, 2009

    Hit producer Timbaland recently talked about his relationship with fellow producer Scott Storch and how the beef between the two beat makers started back in 2007. Talking with G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid, Timbaland talked about the advantages Storch had when he worked with Timbo and Dr Dre. "I can't beef with a guy, we had a serious friendship," Timbaland says. "He worked with me for years, after he stopped working with Dre, he started working with me. And the dude is hot, the boy is hot. I think he's good on his own but when me and Dre got him together, we bring something outta Scott you've never seen."

    Timbaland went on to talk about how the beef between the two started. "You know what it is, his crew and everybody getting to him got to him. I'ma bigger person and I told Scott sometimes he's weak. And everybody's getting in his ear blah, blah blah…and it's not even like that…Scott has gone through a lot of pain…You gotta be patient [with the industry hate] because you can't feed into it. I'm 30-something years old, freak I look like feeding into somebody whose 20-something years old?"

    In related news, as we reported yesterday, 50 Cent recently talked about working with Timbaland for his new "Before I Self Destruct" album. [watch here] 50 says it's easy working with Timbo as he's quick to pick up on what 50 is thinking. [watch here]

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