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Timbo Says Justin Timberlake Song Is His Favorite

Posted By on December 14, 2009

    Justin Timberlake is featured on a new song "Carry Out" featured on Timbaland's new "Shock Value 2" album. The hit producer says the song with Timberlake is his favorite on the album. "That is my favorite, favorite record," Tim said of "Carry Out." "Me and my best friend J.T.Justin Timberlake. That [song] reminds me of a 2010 'Drop It Like It's Hot.' All these sounds from all over. We tried to give another slang for women. Instead of 'Your phat butt' or 'Your big breasts,' we say, 'Oh, I need you. Can I be your carry out? Be my carry out. I want you to be my dinner, my leftovers, my everything.' It's a different slang. We're grown men, I wanna be subliminal to females. Like, 'Oooh, carry out? That's kinda sexy.' [Timbaland Says Justin Timberlake Song Is His Favorite On New Album – Watch Here]

    Timbo continued "We got a chemistry that cannot be described," Timbaland added. "People ask, 'Well, what are you and Justin like?' Can't tell you what it's like — it's a chemistry that can't be described. Something you would have to see for yourself and be, like, 'Them two got magic.' " [Timbaland Says He Is Done With Hip Hop – Watch Here]

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