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“I’m not a Hip Hop Producer. I am a Producer.”

Posted By on February 19, 2007

Timbaland has big plans for the new year. While already gaining more and more success with hit makers of varying genres, the producer has his sights set on his new album Shock Value.
But just why did he decide to title the album Shock Value?

"Yeah, the reason why I call it Shock Value is like now, everybody is [calling] me 'Timbaland, the hip-hop producer,' " he told MTV recently. "No, I'm not a hip-hop producer…I am a producer," he noted.
Later, the producer revealed plans for his upcoming album. Shock Value will pair Timbo up with a slew of recording artists ranging from Lil' Wayne, 50 Cent and Jay-Z to Elton John, Nickelback, The Hives, Fall Out Boy and Nelly Furtado.
Later in the interview, he explained why he is "not just hip-hop."

"I'm not hip-hop, because Jay-Z is not just hip-hop. He wouldn't be [speaking] at the United Nations if he was just hip-hop. He wouldn't own a basketball team if he was just hip-hop. He is bigger than hip-hop. I'm bigger than hip-hop. I do everything. If they have a 'Titanic 2,' I can do Celine Dion. That's easy," he added.
Soon, Timbo will head out on tour with Justin Timberlake, ready to dance, sing and produce a beat live on stage. For now, he will be putting the finishing touches on the album, which is currently slated for a late March release.