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Tony Yayo Plans New Mixtape & Album

Posted By on February 3, 2010

     Tony Yayo is constantly making moves, this time he's planning a new mixtape and album. "It's [coming out] now," Yayo said of his new "Gunpowder Guru" mixtape. "We're rushing to put it out because of the reaction I got to my new video 'Bullets Whistle.' So what motivates Yayo? "Sometimes I be in the studio — I watch movies, read books and I just zone. I think I got [the title] from a movie, Gunpowder Guru," he answered. "I liked the way it sound. I went with it. It's a real dark mixtape. A lot of it, the production was done by my man Doe Pesci. We decided we give a lot of music away for free. What would 50 do in a position right now? 50 would sell his mixtapes on iTunes. It's all about the Internet now."

     50 Cent, along with G-Unit (Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, DJ Whoo Kid) start their overseas tour on February 22nd (running until sometime in April). 50 Cent is set to film two movies when he gets back and then they will tour the states in June. "That's when the albums will come — me and Banks," Yayo explained. "We gonna drop it independently. We not on Interscope anymore. I feel the stuff I went through on a major was nonsense. You make more money on an independent label."

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