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Tony Yayo

50 Cent Makes Money Outside Of Rap

Posted By on February 22, 2010

     With the music industry not really making a lot of money these days, Tony Yayo recently talked about his G-Unit leader 50 Cent making money in other areas. Yayo says he feels like 50 Cent makes some smart moves. "The state of hip-hop and music ain't selling," Yayo says. "The zone 50's in with Cheetah Vision Productions, you know, doing big things in Hollywood, has spots in Hollywood, LA, I mean, that movie money is just a whole different 'nother monster…Paranormal [Activity] was one of the biggest independent movies ever made, it made millions of dollars and it had four actors that we didn't know, right, in one f*cking house, one scenery. I didn't even see the movie, everybody just told me how crazy it is and it sold millions of motherf*cking dollars."

     "For 50, one of his talents is knowing what's popping ahead of time, like what's next. I think independent film making, you can be a millionaire, acting you can be a millionaire…He's getting into all that stuff, because the money is crazy. I just try to learn off of him."

Tony Yayo – Talks About 50 Cent Making Money Outside Of Rap