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Yayo Says Wayne Should Smuggle Drugs In

Posted By on March 2, 2010

     As a former inmate at Rikers Island himself, Tony Yayo recently shared his thoughts on what Lil Wayne should do today when he is sentenced and then sent to jail (which we now know isn't happening today). Calling Lil Wayne's one-year time "easy," the G-Unit member said Weezy should think about smuggling drugs into jail.

     "Well when you got to court, that'll be his last time," Yayo says. "So you better boot something. Make sure you bring some weed or whatever, right? Make sure you bring your weed or your sizzurp, make sure you boot that. Cheek it. Tell him to cheek his pills, he better cheek all his drugs. He better make sure he boot, put that sh*t in his system. No h*mo, it's in you. He's gonna get processed quick because he's a super star, they know everywhere we bring this n*gga, all right, it's gonna be a problem. So when they go from Manhattan court, they're gonna have him sitting in his own cell in the back of the courtroom and then boom, they're gonna take him to Rikers Island — he's gonna get processed, take his name, take his picture, everybody's gonna be open, his mugshots, CO's are gonna look out for him, is bid is gonna be easy."

Tony Yayo – Says Lil Wayne Should Smuggle Drugs Into Jail