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Yayo Opens Businesses; Wants In Movies

Posted By on March 10, 2010

     Tony Yayo says he is getting into the website business. "I'm working on my website, RockStarGroupie, because I'm seeing the
finances that guys like Vlad are generating, and 50 and endorsements
and I see all kinds of big things happening" Yayo said in an interview.
"I'm working on RockStarGroupie the website, been working on that for a
while, I'm working on Purple Heart clothing line, I got a partner on
that…I actually want to open up my own restaurant, so I'm actually
working on that."

     Yayo says he wants 50 Cent to put him into the movies he is in. "And I'm looking to get into one of those movies, shouts-out 50, put me in one of those movies man! You cut my part in [Before I] Self Destruct, it's cool…I haven't had an album in five years, and financially, it's nothing to complain about…[50] gives us the opportunity to go out and get money, a lot of n*ggas don't have that. Like, when you see the situations like Jay-Z and [Beanie] Sigel — or Fat Joe and Remy Ma, I remember Remy used to complain, 'Yo, this n*gga's giving me a thousand dollars,' what kind of sh*t is that?"

Tony Yayo – Says 50 Cent Should Put Him Into A Movie


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