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Tony Yayo Talks Being Loyal To 50 Cent

Posted By on May 4, 2010

     When you are signed under someone, it puts you in a spot to be loyal and that's exactly what Tony Yayo is doing with 50 Cent. When asked about being dropped from Interscope, Yayo said "I don’t want to directly blame anybody because I’m not mad. I’m making checks. It’s just that 50 Cent is the main man so if he has a disagreement with Jimmy Iovine or somebody like that, we [Yayo & Lloyd Banks] gotta pay for it."

     Yayo then goes on to talk about if it's important to be on a major label. "Lloyd Banks is a perfect example. You’ve got a guy that was just dropped from Interscope and he’s got one of the hottest records out right now. It’s climbing on the Billboard and it’s being added to all the radio outlets. This is a record that him and Juelz did in the basement of his house last year. I know Interscope is biting themselves in the ass right now because a lot of their artists don’t have set-up singles out anyway."

     So with G-Unit under a big artist like 50 Cent, you would think that the label would like to keep him happy but Yayo says "Yeah, that’s what I’m saying; there are a lot of things that don’t make sense to me. If I was Jimmy Iovine, I’d look at Game as different than anybody else in G-Unit. First of all, G-Unit started off with three niggas from the back blocks. Me, 50, and Banks. We all know each other’s grandmothers, Sha Money came around, and we never thought we would sell what we sold. Then Game came along. He got with us; he sold a lot of records, sold a lot of cars, messed with a lot of women. I remember Game’s mother called me the first day I got out jail to thank me, and Game asked me to get on his album. It’s a lot of stuff that confuses me about the Game. The reason why I’m so loyal to 50 Cent is because it’s family."


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