Tony Yayo Plays Carlos In New SWAT Film

Tony Yayo Plays Carlos In New SWAT Film

     G-Unit's own Tony Yayo recently signed up to star in the upcoming movie "S.W.A.T.: Fire Fight." Directed by Benny Boom, this will be Yayo's first dramatic role in a film. “[This] is a real big, big look,” he said. “It’s a big movie. It’s gonna be crazy.” According to the movie follows an LAPD Lieutenant who is transferred to a S.W.A.T. team in Detroit where he “finds himself the target of a homicidal genius who is protected by government officials.”

     Playing the role of Carlos, Yayo is currently filming in Detroit and we are told he is doing most of his own stunts. “I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you I’m definitely one of the bad guys,” he shared. “I fit the part…It feels good to play the bad guy. And it’s definitely gonna be me against the police.”


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