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Yayo Calls Out Rick Ross, Ja Rule, Lil Wayne & More

Posted By on May 19, 2009

    The G-Unit / Rick Ross beef isn't done apparently. Tony Yayo recently taunted Ricky by calling out Ja Rule and Lil Wayne, who Yayo says are his supporters. [watch here]  In a new interview Tony Yayo talked about Ross being employed as a correctional officer saying "Rick Ross, Gunplay, Game, whoever the f*ck n*gga, we out here in L.A., we shining…Rick Ross, I ain't even gonna tell, your fat a**, you a C.O. n*gga, let me tell you something. I was in Rikers Island, C-73, C-74, n*ggas never violated me." [watch here]

    Yayo continued bringing up artists who he says back Rick Ross. "You got Lil Wayne talking up for you, you a C.O. at the end of the day. Police n*gga, corrections officer, all right? Even Don King called you a screw. Hot Rod, Whoo Kid said he ain't doing no mixtapes with you. All y'all other n*ggas, eat a d*ck man. And oh yeah, Ja Rule, stop making those records, it's over…Being all the stuff that's going on with Rick Ross, I had to get Mac-A-Zoe to host the [Swine Flu] mixtape for me. Mac-A-Zoe said him and Ross used to be cool…I got in contact with Mac-A-Zoe through Sha Money. We're all Haitian, me, Zoe, Sha Money and Whoo Kid. Sha Money called me with Mac-A-Zoe on the phone. We're kicking it on the mixtape. He's basically saying Rick Ross is an impostor. I agree with him." [watch here]

    In related news, Rick Ross released his new video today for "Cigar Music" [watch here]. The new video also features Masspike Miles so make sure you [watch here]

Tony Yayo To Rick Ross "You Got Lil Wayne Talking Up For You"