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Yayo Says Games Album Was His First

Posted By on May 26, 2009

    Like his fellow G-Unit member 50 Cent, Tony Yayo has never been one to hold his tongue. In a new interview, the rapper talks about G-Unit enemies. "Yeah, Fat Joe, K.A.R., I seen y'all only did 250 copies," Yayo said in an interview. [watch here] "I didn't say 250,000, I said 250 copies. You're not even on the SoundScan…Even the Cam'ron sh*t, it was all competition, as long as it doesn't get carried away and become physical, I guess it just becomes a battle…That's the thing with Buck, I had a little altercation in Miami with DJ Khaled at the radio station, sh*t could have got ugly, it was on Tupac's birthday, too, he said he was gonna do a song with Khaled and that's when I started looking at the n*gga funny. If 50 says he got a problem with a n*gga then we all got a problem with a n*gga." [watch here]

    Yayo went on to say that The Game's first album, "The Documentary," should have been his album. [watch here] "Game is not even hot right now, he did a few records. Let me tell you something, Game is a lucky a** n*gga. When I got out of jail, that Game album was supposed to be my album. All that 'This Is How We Do' was supposed to be me. But 50 [Cent] and [Dr.] Dre had an agreement that sh*t woulda been my album that did 5 million. He's a lucky motherf*cker man, I'll give it to him…He's bi-polar. One day he'll be crying and then the next he'll want to beef with 50 and it's G-Unot." [watch here]

Tony Yayo Talks Beefs & Says Game's Album Was His