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Tony Yayo Says Ricky Lost The Battle

Posted By on May 28, 2009

    So did the beef between Rick Ross and G-Unit help or hurt Ricky? Who won? If you ask G-Unit member Tony Yayo, he says says there isn't even a question. "I started looking at it like we beat him and he didn't even know he was beat," Yayo explained in a recent interview. "You had the sex tape out there and all that. I felt like he lost already…To me, he didn't win the battle because his baby's mother was on the Internet having sex with some other guy. I feel like when Fif stopped answering him, it got kind of boring." [watch here]

     Rick Ross did have his album debut number one on the charts but Yayo says the 2nd week is the real key. "I feel like we ruined Rick Ross' career. I mean, you could have the No. 1 record in the country, but he had a 68 percent drop in the next week. Nobody likes a cop. The guy's a cop at the end of the day. People always try to diss G-Unit but you got a C.O. right in front of your face. And he admitted that he was the guy in the picture. I'm not gonna beef with police. There's no winning with that. He's a cop." [watch here]

Tony Yayo Talks About Rick Ross Beef