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Tony Yayo Talks Having Security

Posted By on June 22, 2009

    It isn't a secret that rappers have security gaurds although some say they don't, kind of. Recently D-Block released their new album "No Security," but G-Unit member Tony Yayo says security is just part of the business. [watch here] "When you go to a club, sh*t is crazy," Yayo explained in a video. [watch here] "I done been to Cincinatti, Philly, Baltimore, Washington D.C., you go to them places and you do them little club venues, for you artists, you could get shot. In the middle of Manhattan, somebody will shoot, but not like in the middle of Baltimore or Philly." [watch here]

    Yayo went on to talk about security risks being everywhere. "Me, I don't sleep on nowhere, I could be in f*cking Alaska and there's shooters out there too…A n*gga could say 'I don't need no vest, I don't need no bulletproof' it's because you're not relevant. You're not relevant. I'm quite aware of what somebody would do to me for [my watch] out here. Or this little pinky ring…I gotta watch how I move, I ain't no stupid n*gga." [watch here]

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