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Yayo Says “You Dont See Nas Out Here”

Posted By on July 17, 2009

    Tony Yayo recently took to the streets to take part in a "hood" challenge. Teaming up with fellow New York rapper Cormega, the two filmed a tour through their home hoods. [watch here] The "Talk Of New York" also took the time to announce his new mixtape that drops today (July 17th) plus an upcoming 50 Cent event. [watch here]

    "Queenbridge, Cormega, tell 'em where we at," Yayo says in the video. [watch here] "You don't see Nas out here. August 13th, everything free. Come out here. Lamar Odom, Floyd Mayweather is gonna be here. That's how I roll. When you're in the hood you gotta be extra careful. They say I'm never in the hood, well, I'm in the hood. They always say I'm in the hood. I'm in the hood with Cormega and you already know what it is. New mixtape coming out this week, Public Enemies." [watch here]

Tony Yayo – "You Dont See Nas Out Here"