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Tony Yayo Goes Off On The Game, Young Buck & Fat Joe

Posted By on July 24, 2008

    The outspoken Tony Yayo called into Jenny Boom Boom's radio show on Hot 93.7 in Connecticut and went off on The Game, Young Buck and Fat Joe according to HipHopDX. Calling The Game a “television blood,” Tony Yayo talked about the first time he saw Game wearing a different color saying, “When I met Game, he had on a brown flag. He wasn’t even blood, get out of here man.”

    Yayo then went on to call Young Buck a “television crip,” Yayo went at Buck the worst saying “I guarantee, when Buck comes out with that mixtape, it’s gonna be a lot of exposing. I could expose Buck in so many ways. From females, to money, to what you had in your bank account, to your IRS, everything.” Tony Yayo went on to say “You cried in front of the biggest mess hall ever chump. You ain’t nothing."

    Leaving no person untouched, Tony Yayo finished up the dissing by saying that Fat Joe is "…just a fat waste. Just go somewhere and die.”