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Yayo Talks Joe Budden & Reakwon Beef

Posted By on September 4, 2009

    Tony Yayo has never really been one to bite his tongue and that continued when the G-Unit member weighed in on the recent beef between Joe Budden and fellow New Yorker and Wu-Tang member, Reakwon. Yayo explained what he would have done if he was confronted by a rivals entourage as Joe Budden recently was. Although he didn't take sides, Yayo does say that Joe Budden should ahve been better prepared by hiring security to watch his door. [Tony Yayo Talks Raekwon & Joe Budden Beef – Watch Here]

    "It's crazy to me because a n*gga come to my dressing room, he don't want to see what's gonna be on the other end of n*ggas in that room," Yayo said. "Like with my whole thing is, Buddens, have better security at your door or something. 'Cause a n*gga come to my dressing room, it's lights out. I don't give a f*ck who you are n*gga, where you from, what you do, if you come to my dressing room, trying to knock at the door, you not leaving out. Point, blank, period. So I mean, that's all about a security factor, having a n*gga at the door — I was locked up with Joe Budden's pops too. I never had a conversation with him though, but that's a rumor that his pops was in there, in the same building and all that — A n*gga ain't running up on my dressing room and punching me in the face, and no disrespect to Joe Budden or Raekwon. It is what it is. A n*gga come to my sh*t, he's getting blown out that sh*t. Boom!" [Tony Yayo Talks Raekwon & Joe Budden Beef – Watch Here]

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