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Yayo Says G-Unit Is NOT Broke

Posted By on September 8, 2009

    Recently ex-G Unit Records artists M.O.P., specifically member Billy Danze, said that 50 Cent's record company was having financial problems. Long time G-Unit member (and 50 Cent's right-hand-man) Tony Yayo is now addressing the allegations. "I seen something on a website where M.O.P. said G-Unit was going broke," Yayo said. "I don't know what he was talking about, I still got two houses, I still got cars, as well as 50. I just feel like, when a n*gga give you an opportunity, you either gonna make it work or it's not gonna work," Yayo said of M.O.P.'s time at G-Unit. [Tony Yayo Says G-Unit Is NOT Broke – Watch Here]

    Yayo continued "Either one. M.O.P, that was their first time being on MTV and BET. That was their first time really being on a major tour, Anger Management Tour which 50 spent like $8 mil on — What about the money he spent on you, Laze, everybody that was in your entourage hotels, n*ggas stayed in the Ritz, burninig cigarettes on the dresser, burning pillows, starting fires, smoking sh*t out doing crazy sh*t when the bill comes back. He didn't complain about that — when everything is happening, everybody's happy. But when sh*t is not happening for a n*gga, a n*gga's disgruntled." [Tony Yayo Says G-Unit Is NOT Broke – Watch Here]

Tony Yayo Says G-Unit Is NOT "Broke"