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Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo Squashes G-Unit Reunion Hopes

Posted By on November 19, 2010

     After recent efforts from The Game regarding a full G-Unit reunion, long-time G-Unit member and 50 Cent's right-hand man, Tony Yayo, pushed the possible reconciliation further away by making his opinion clear via twitter.

"F*ck a G Unit Reunion N*gga. . .," Yayo tweeted Thursday (November 18).
"@thegame u the puppet Henchmen had his hand up your a** for years. And now that u don't have hits out how u gon feed them Blood n*ggas."
"This my last thing Ima say cuz real Gangsters don't beef on twitter I know u soft your last show ni*ggas threw beer on u n ur kids "P*ssy"
"@thegame Everybody look at the old footage of him sayin "Free Yayo" D*ckridin. U called me for your first album Stripper."
"@thegame u b*ttch a** n*gga u went from a Butterfly to a LA tattoo. U prob got a tramp stamp on ur back stripper"
"That's it I'm done for the day. See me when u see me Stripper. . ."
"I know @youngbuckmarley aint talkin. I can buy his 615 piece now and as for @thegame Interscope wasting their money." (Tony Yayo's Twitter)

     Not one to let things go, Game responded to Yayo…and he did not resist trying to make Yayo an enemy…

"1st of all @tonyyayo when I was talkin bout a G-Unit reunion I wasn't talkin to you "YOU F*CKIN PUPPET" I was talkin to CURTIS MAN 2 MAN !," Game tweeted back.
"@tonyyayo but keep "TRYNA STUNT" & I will RE-BRAKE every bone in yo CAREER like I did da 1st time N*GGA !"
"Sh*t, at least you had the BALLS to respond to a n*gga tho…. I guess you aint "HALF THE H*E" I thought you was !!!"
"N*gga, you NEVER had a HIT & u bout da same age as CURTIS BLOW. If u wasnt suckin so much D!CK over there u'd be cleanin SUBWAYS n the BRONX"
@50cent when you wanna HOLLA, u know how 2 find me. @lloydbanks KEEP MAKIN HITS n*gga. @tonyyayo GROW UP nigga & maybe as MEN we can chop it" (Game's Twitter)

     Not to be left out, fellow ex-G-Unit member, Young Buck, weighed in on the virtual conversation…

"@thegame Homie u genuinely extended ya hand out on the Reunion to @50cent. Real people and fans see the Bad Apple. Let's PRAY for @TonyYayo" (Young Buck's Twitter)


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