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Tony Yayo To Play KRS-One In New Juice Crew Movie

Posted By on April 25, 2008

    Often referring to himself as the "Bad Guy" in G-Unit, Tony Yayo is set to play the role of KRS-ONE in the new Juice Crew movie called "The Vapors." Yayo Said “They came to me about playing the part of KRS-One so I was honored to even hear that.” Tony Yayo said his move into Hollywood is all part of his master plan to grow as an
entrepreneur. “I want to make my own [moves], ” he said. “I’m looking
towards movies right now. I’m working with people you wouldn’t even

    Blastmaster recently interviewed Yayo where Yayo confirmed that he would be playing KRS-ONE, who is the front man of Boogie Down Productions. KRS-One, a lyrical icon in hip-hop, went toe-to-to with the Juice Crew’s MC Shan throughout the late ’80s and said he was sure he’d be portrayed as a villain in the film. “Of course, and I hope they do,” he said. “I was a villain. It was no joke and that’s what it was" KRS-ONE said.