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Tony Yayo’s Co-Defendant Admits He Slapped Henchman’s Son

Posted By on January 10, 2008

G-Unit's Yayo was in court in NYC this morning to face the charges involving the alleged slapping of the son of Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, of Czar Entertainment. Yayo already rejected a plea deal that would send him back to jail for nine months, so he's going back to court. Tony Yayo and 50 Cent have had a longtime beef with with the "Henchman" over his association with The Game.

The New York DA released today that two members of the
Hip Hop Police talked to Tony Yayo's co-defendant Lawell Fletcher the night of his arrest and at Rikers Island on August 8. In those interviews Fletcher
claimed that it was he who conducted the assault and that Yayo actually
restrained him and pulled him off of the kid.

Fletcher was identified in a lineup by Henchmen's son. Now the Assistant DA has until Jan. 18 to inform the defense whether or not they intend to use the statements and how.

"I am very troubled by The People's disclosure today that they would
violate a defendant's (Fletcher) Constitutional rights to council and
then bury the information when it helps somebody else," Yayo's lawyer,
Scott Leemon, said "I'm glad after a year of trying to get
information like this that it was finally disclosed in court today. As
I said from the beginning Yayo denied ever doing this. This is another
witness that said he did not slap this boy."

Leemon has until Feb. 1 to file all motions including the motion to have separate trial. All parties will meet with the judge again Feb 14.