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Yayo gives his 50 Cents

Posted By on February 26, 2007

Tony Yayo has a laundry list of rappers he feels are "phony." And unlike his G-Unit partner Young Buck, Yayo says he's jumping headfirst into the 50 Cent/ Cam'ron beef.

"I don't believe Cam'ron, I don't believe Jim Jones, I don't believe Lil Wayne, I don't believe Baby, I don't believe Game and I don't believe Fat Joe," he said via phone on Friday while shopping with 50 Cent's son, Marquis, in Bel Air, California.

"I feel like Cam'ron is a peon," he continued. "Let's ask the general public: When is the last time Cam'ron made a f—ing hit? It's time for these n—as to pay the piper."

Expect Yayo to give his take on the Diplomats in song on his new mixtape Finally Off Paper, the title to which is an homage to his probation being over. He calls the mixtape a "F-you to all my parole officers who got on my nerves."

As it so happens, G-Unit and the Diplomats performed at the same concert late last year in Long Island, New York. Yayo confirms that he did mock Jones when they passed each other in the hallway. He yelled "borrrin'," making fun of Jones' now-patented "balllin' " ad lib.

"I mean, I wouldn't say it started," he said, describing the animosity between the two camps. "I did say 'borrrin',' I'm not gonna lie. Rap is a competitive sport and I play around with it. Sometimes dudes catch feelings, sometimes they don't. Me, I don't understand these dudes. These dudes reach out on the phone and try to call people. After that incident, Jim, he reached out to Buck. This is what Buck tells me: Jim Jones reaches out to Buck and was trying to tell Buck to get me on the phone. I don't do the phone thing. I don't need none of these rap n—as to be my friends. My best friend sells the most records and makes the most money … I've seen checks for $5.5 million that 50 is generating monthly just from [his partnership with] Vitamin Water.

"250,000," he continued, referring to the number of copies Jones' Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) has sold so far. "That is not a successful album under our roster. Jim was trying to reach out to me, reach out through other people from the street, but I never accepted his call. He gets on radio and says, 'Yayo, you's a immigrant. So you disrespecting every Haitian on the planet.' So he played himself like that. I'm like, 'These dudes is fools.' Jim Jones cannot f— with me creatively. You can't be serious. Cam'ron, none of them can f— with me creatively, and I got more money than them. I can call 50 right now and borrow $5 million dollars. It's not a problem."

Another Jimmy who Yayo has a problem with is Game's manager Jimmy Henchman. Yayo confirms that they had a confrontation at last year's Mixtape Awards that basically caused the Apollo Theater ceremony to come to an abrupt end.

"I seen Jimmy Henchman at the Mixtape Awards. He says to me, 'Sak pasé' [Creole for 'what's happening']. I say, 'What is up with your man Game? Don't "sak pasé" me.' Ask Henchman how I shut down the Mixtape Awards. N—as was screaming Henchman's name and I said, 'F— Henchman.' Me, I gotta fall back from these dudes. Dudes feel it's just rap, and when you see them, they don't want no beef. Buck just ran Game out of the club in Vegas. Now there's rumors that Game is trying to call Jeezy's phone and trying to get in touch with Buck. F— Game!" (Click here for photos from the NBA's All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas.)

Yayo says he does have love for his old 'hood of Southside Queens and is hyping a guy from those parts: Mazaradi Fox. The New Yorker appears on Yayo's new underground record, known in the streets as "It's a Stick Up."

"He's a standup n—a from Southside," G-Unit's self-proclaimed Energy God said. "50 f—s with him hard-body. I know the n—a. I know his pops. We give n—as from the 'hood opportunity."