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Update: Travis Barker Explains Lawsuit

Posted By on November 24, 2008

    As we previously reported, Travis Barker recently sued the makers of the Learjet plus Goodyear Tires for the plane crash that left the ex-Blink 182 drummer and his partner DJ AM with second and third degree burns. Now Barker is explaining the lawsuit saying "I wouldn't have been in the state I was in if I wasn't in the crash," blaming the pilots and defective equipment for the accident. "You know, I wouldn't have third-degree burns all over my body or be prohibited to do certain things. I can't go swimming; I can't do some of the things that normal people can do. I didn't ask for that to happen."

    Travis Barker says he's optimistic about the lawsuit saying "If something goes wrong that's not supposed to go wrong or you fall victim of it, I think you should be compensated" But he was sure to make sure he isn't doing this for the money, continuing "I lost two friends," he said, referring to his assistant, Chris Baker, and security guard, Charles Still. "Nothing can bring them back or what I lost in the accident."